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EDIT: There! Got the panels redrawn and coloured.

Ahhhhh. I was making really good headway on this one. And then I foolishly deleted the sketch layer while I was zoomed in on the top panel - totally forgetting that I hadn't lined the bottom two panels. I failed to notice I had done it until Photoshop's history couldn't take me back far enough to recover it.

The need for a bike ride ensued so as to keep me from putting my fist through anything important...

So now I'm going to have to go back and redraw them...
Looks like I need to be more conscientious when I draw the pages entirely digitally - there isn't even a pencil version I can rescan to recover the panels :(

This page puts us back on Tuesday/Thursday updates, which is the schedule I hope to maintain through July. I'll see about getting those last two bonus page weeks done in August. Also on the slate this month is to get more work done on Chal's backstory, which is a project I am doing as a written novella. I'll likely post some of the beginning on my Tumblr once I have it polished enough, but the intent is to print the completed story as a book.


selfinversion ||03 Jul 2012 11:26 am||     REPLY

Man, that sounds frustrating, I hate it when that happens!

Chal's backstory as a novella sounds pretty intriguing though.

Niggle ||03 Jul 2012 12:43 pm||     REPLY

That majorly sucks! ~hugs~ Hate it when that sort of thing happens. Glad you were able to keep from ramming your fist through something, then you'd have a broken hand.

maplebee ||03 Jul 2012 12:46 pm||     REPLY

@Niggle: my dad always told me I better never punch things when I was angry, because what if I broke my drawing hand, hah. Same reason I never learned kendo, though, which I really wanted to try (I've heard it's a great way to accidentally break fingers).

selfinversion ||04 Jul 2012 05:17 am||     REPLY

@Niggle: That reminds me of when my brother rammed his pc through the wall when his game file got corrupted or something. He had to pay for the repair job though, it was about $200 I think. His pocket money was $5-10 a week so he was in dept for ages. Personally I do sit-ups or shred tissues when I'm angry, it's less damaging that way.

maplebee ||04 Jul 2012 08:09 am||     REPLY

@selfinversion: I was joking (but not entirely joking) to my bf that part of the value of drawing on a Mac is the things are too expensive to even jokingly consider putting a fist through. Had I been using a cheap PC I might have pulled it behind my bike from its power cord (much as the deletion was entirely my fault).

Niggle ||04 Jul 2012 05:19 pm||     REPLY

My brother sent his fist through a wall once, but that was on accident, tripped at the top of the steps. XD

And I like the new panels and the updated shading. Very nice perspective there, and Chal is sitting like that. They don't have regular chairs like we do, right?

maplebee ||04 Jul 2012 05:21 pm||     REPLY

@Niggle: Veo go in more for pillows. Specifically in this situation the idea is the shuttle belongs to the station, so it needs seat that can accomodate a range of species.

BadBanana ||13 Jul 2012 05:24 pm||     REPLY

Wow.... this page is so... amazing!
As strange as this might sound, considering I know the majority of the characters are aliens in a ship,....this is the page that really affirms with me that the story takes place in space! Maybe it has to do with your coloring/shading tied into the backgrounds depicted on this's just bewitching. I love how you've drawn all the panels...and I love how we get to see more of Ilya's..."components". Seeing Rory interact with more the Veo as a new crew member and prepare for 'a mission' is super cool too. I'm just really really excited about this page. All their clothes are neat too.....Kaumo looks amazing in those deep Earth tones....and I hope to eventually see Chal in an outfit like the one from the Year Anniversary was beautiful.
I'm very much looking forward to the future pages.....