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Pic of Chal and Mawaya now on my Tumblr.

Can't remember what I was going to say about this page 'cause it's late - I'm getting this done only about 20 mins before it is set to post.


Niggle ||06 Jun 2012 04:42 am||     REPLY

Mawaya is really interesting, very very alien and not human, but not freaky or monstrous, kinda cute actually. We approve. :D

Translator ||06 Jun 2012 04:57 am||     REPLY

Ooooooooh my god I just noticed Chal went pink.


selfinversion ||06 Jun 2012 09:09 am||     REPLY

Aww Chal really suits pink and Mawaya looks kinda cheeky to me. Do we get to meet him or is he an ex-crew member or something?

solidstate ||06 Jun 2012 01:45 pm||     REPLY

If it's pink it must be love. :-)

Aya_Yai ||06 Jun 2012 02:41 pm||     REPLY

Those eyes, they look just like buttons. They are staring right into my soul! O___O

krissymonett ||06 Jun 2012 06:17 pm||     REPLY

Chal is so cute here. I approve of this couple and I now follow your tumblr :)

Sibrand (Guest) ||06 Jun 2012 11:42 pm||     REPLY

Awwwwr, pink!
it's so cute! And Mawaya looks kind of interesting! ~

vangelisgenesis (Guest) ||07 Jun 2012 12:42 am||     REPLY

I love Chal's adoration/horny colours!! And Mawaya is very sexy, loving those horns!

Translator ||07 Jun 2012 05:27 am||     REPLY

Is that last word there 'racer'?

BadBanana ||07 Jun 2012 07:53 am||     REPLY

Awwwww. Chal actually seems cute right now. He's all flushed with arousal colors XD Hope to meet Mawaya!!!

and poor Rory, watching Chal eye molest Mawaya on Ilya's "screen". lol!

maplebee ||07 Jun 2012 06:35 pm||     REPLY

@selfinversion: Chal an Rory's convo will explain some details in the next few pages :)

@Translator: yep!

@BadBanana: yeah Rory is definitely feeling the need to wear an awkward face over it...