What is Bright Stars?

A sci-fi webcomic written, drawn, inked, and coloured by A. Morrison. It's about a human named Rory who is accidentally teleported into the far reaches of space during an experiment that was supposed to send him across the continent.

Why are you making Bright Stars?

I've long had a love of comics and graphic novels, and have dabbled at doing my own in the past (comics combine my two greatest artistic loves of writing and drawing). The early attempts never made it past a few pages: my worst flaw is my tendency to wiffle waffle through new ideas every other minute. Additionally, I never felt my art was good enough to inflict upon people in a serious manner. I've now fallen into an art rut of doing half-assed doodles of the same poses and faces over and over, so I decided it was time for a comic. Working on a comic forces me to do several things: a) stick with an idea, b) write it chronologically (I perpetually jump all over the place when writing and then stitch the pieces together later), and c) work with poses, angles, expressions, environments etc I would never otherwise attempt in my art. Hopefully Bright Stars will force me to grow artistically. To this end, bear with me when pages suck or characters look wonky — I'm learning.

Why a web comic? Why not try to publish??

I read a lot of web comics! I like writing with an active audience. While I'm not ultimately creating just to please other people, I do like to know whether my ideas interest anyone other than me. Also, the peer pressure forces me to create. While I don't always manage to maintain my update schedule, I do work more consistently when I know people are expecting updates. This way I have a much harder time tossing the project aside in a fit of artistic pique (lol).

I'm putting it online because this provides immediate feedback and pressure, and because I'm authoring and illustrating the comic around a full time job. I'd rather get it up and going now than try to finish an entire piece only to hate the earliest parts and never manage to get a publisher to take it on, eeeetttc. I would like to print Bright Stars someday, but we'll have to wait and see if anyone would want to buy copies of it...

How is Bright Stars drawn?

I began (the first fifteen pages or so) by sketching the pages in ballpoint pen, then tracing cleaner line work on a new sheet over top of the sketch. The idea was to work on both my traditional drawing skills and my digital colouring skills. This got to be too much of a problem when I scanned the pages into Photoshop: if I noticed bad proportions, or made corrections the changes to the line work showed really badly. I now sketch the pages on paper (either in pen or pencil), then scan them into Photoshop for lining and colour.

Does Bright Stars have any inspirations?

It comes from a lot of things I watch and read. In largest part it was initially inspired by Farscape. I wanted to play with the idea of a human learning to live in space under circumstances similar to those of John Crichton's, but I wanted to see how a much more ordinary person deals with it (unlike John, Rory has no advanced scientific knowledge about space, physics, etc).

Do you allow fanart/fanfic?

At current I do, and would like to put up a page to collect anything I receive. You are welcome to draw/write about my characters under the following conditions:
1) Keep relationships cannonical: if the characters aren't together in the comic there is probably a reason for that.
2) Always attribute the character copyright to A. Morrison, and provide a link to this site, either on the work, or in the comments section of the gallery you are posting on.
3) E-mail me and provide me with a link to the work so I can see! If you give me permission to, I will post the work as a comic update with a link to your gallery.

Where are Rory's shoes-?

You can either take solidstate's answer for it: [link], or you can wait and see :)