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English gets a little carried away with idiomatic speech a lot of the time...


Niggle ||03 Apr 2014 05:04 pm||     REPLY

New page! It's great and love the dialogue, amusing language confusion. :)

Tom_Suke (Guest) ||04 Apr 2014 01:30 am||     REPLY

-squeal- new page, yaaaay~! I've been checking here every day lol

Remawolf ||05 Apr 2014 09:30 pm||     REPLY

I am suddenly reminded of many "language barrier" scenes from Farscape. This makes me happy.

nagafide (Guest) ||12 Apr 2014 11:32 pm||     REPLY

More random questions about the universe:

Will Rory's beard just keep on growing indefinitely or does he have the means to shave it? Obviously he's been given change of clothes but how is hygiene maintained? Showers? Deodorant? Toothpaste? Shampoo? Soap? Was he provided with some equivalent of these things or has he been forced to go without some?

Thank you for always replying so well to all my ramblings. Your provided details really help flesh out the story more and more within my mind as I read and re-read the comic.

maplebee ||13 Apr 2014 08:59 am||     REPLY

@Remawolf: thanks very much! Farscape is one of my inspirations for the comic, so it's nice to hear the comic brings it to mind!

@nagafide: Rory will have a way to trim the beard, but it will be a while before he has anything to shave it.

Hygiene on liveships is maintained through bathing. A liveship can manufacture a type of thin gel that reacts to dead skin cells. It starts fizzing and cleans away dirt in the process. When the gel stops fizzing it's because there's nothing left to react to and you know you're clean. Kind of like a peroxide bath in some ways, I suppose?

Veo clean their mouths with the gel, too (just swish it around like Listerine). Veo don't generally have to be very particular about oral hygiene, though, as they don't have separate teeth the way we do. Their 'teeth' are in fact dental plates that are fused together, so it's more difficult for problems like gum disease to occur since there are no nooks and crannies. They also can't loose teeth through rot or impact; their plates can crack, but will eventually recalcify again.

Deodorant and shampoo-wise Rory is currently S.O.L. - Veo have no hair, and they do most of their heat expulsion through their gills, so they don't sweat overmuch.

Atm Rory has had sort of a sponge bath, as N'tala would have wiped him down when he was unconscious, but he hasn't had much of a good cleaning. It'll come up in the comic later ;)

nagafide (Guest) ||16 Apr 2014 09:03 pm||     REPLY

Looking forward to that moment when it comes by.

RAGA (Guest) ||22 Apr 2014 08:42 pm||     REPLY

@maplebee: That's not the fault of the English language, dear. It's the slang.

maplebee ||22 Apr 2014 09:27 pm||     REPLY

@RAGA: I see it as a comment Jetii is making after noting the large number of homonyms English has (led, lead; blue, blew; threw, through....). Since he's only hearing spoken English, not seeing written English, there's no distinction in his mind between the words. "Cool" is just where it gets really idiomatic (as with most slang). Just like languages on Earth, there isn't really a proper direct translation for idiomatic speech, and the Veo translators can only translate it literally.