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2/2 today!

While I was too busy to update, the comic's 3rd anniversary slipped by! I basically forgot about it, but Alicia didn't :D

As always, June is when I renew the SJ premium subscription, which is $60 for the year and allows us not to be bothered by ads, and a much more custom theme so the site looks good for reading. I always pay it out-of-pocket since I don't generate income from ads, and donations are always extra appreciated this time of year. Usually they would go straight to the subscription; this year they'll help me recoup the cost since I already paid it. If you'd like to donate, the PayPal button is just to the right there, and there is a wallpaper pack available to you for donating more than $5 if you don't have it already!


Infinity. (Guest) ||24 Jul 2014 08:00 pm||     REPLY

I don't know if you know this, but there is this thing, called Patreon, and basically it allows people to plege so much money a month for your comic or content, and stuff. I'm not really explaining this well, but you should go check it out!

maplebee ||25 Jul 2014 12:27 pm||     REPLY

@Infinity.: I have looked at it before, but haven't had time this summer to leverage it, as I don't have time to create any bonus content.

I'm trying to get back in the groove and ramp up for the next chunk of the chapter, while also doing some backend stuff (like finishing incomplete pages in chapter 3), so I might look more seriously at Patreon soon.

Niggle ||25 Jul 2014 01:20 pm||     REPLY

Wow, 3rd anniversary! I wonder how long I've been reading, very early Chapter 2, I think.